Uncategorized October 16, 2019

Lead Generation Strategies: Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.

Lead Gen has always fascinated me since the beginning of my career that spanned from Event Management to SaaS to starting my own business and selling real estate. Though the journey has been very different, and difficult at times, it is a sought-after subject with many Pundits and stakeholders discussing which strategies work best and which do not, so here are my 2 cents on it-

There are multiple ways of generating leads from the age-old cold calling strategy to email marketing, Events, Social Selling, Webinars and Account-Based Marketing to name a few. I have tried and tested several of these and must admit that every lead generation effort is unique in its own way and works differently with different people that have different skill sets, but these executives also need to try other strategies and explore beyond the scope of what they have been able to deliver thus far. Just because one does not like cold calling, does not mean it doesn’t work. The same thing can be said about Social selling. Just because one does not like to tweet or publish on Linkedin does not mean it doesn’t work. The goal is the same-Get the attention of the stakeholder or multitude of stakeholders in order to get them into a quality sales pipeline. More importantly, sales and marketing need to work together to generate the best results (easier said than done).

Over the past decade, the landscape has undergone a major shift. The introduction of multiple new digital touchpoints in the customer journey has created a far more complex sales cycle and brought a massive influx of data into the enterprise that needs to be utilized effectively. Also, follow up is key and you will need any number of these strategies to get prospects back to the table. One fails when they do not have an effective follow-up strategy and give up when the prospect goes dark, but this is where utilizing the various methods of lead generation comes back into play.

Overall, strategies need to be deployed in order to get the best results from a multitude of resources. I have been guilty of sticking to only one or two methods in the distant past and had to change my mindset to improve and explore new opportunities with better results. Try and fail, but don’t fail to try-Stay hungry my friends!